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Marriage Preparation

For many of us marriage is a wonderful change, but it can also be daunting. We feel fortunate to offer a wonderful and Christ filled preparation program here at Celebration Assembly Church. 

Women's Ministry

Life has a habit of challenging us daily. Tack on the pressure of being a woman in the culture of today, and things get harder. However, there is good news! Here at Celebration Assembly Church we strive to uplift and encourage the women of our community and our church. Now is the best time join our women's ministry program where you will be rebuilt into a Christlike woman of God who is strong enough to overcome anything the world throws at you!

Kid's Ministry

Celebration offers a thriving and rapidly growing kid's ministry. We believe that our children are our most important demographic. It is said that by the age of twelve many of today's youth will have already decided on a fundamental belief or disbelief in God. Celebration Assembly Church realizes the import and urgency of reaching children at an early age so that we can encourage them to never be ashamed of believing in the cross of Jesus Christ! 

Men's Ministry

Being a man is hard enough, but being a man of God is enormously challenging in today's world. Luckily, you don't have to do it alone! Please, join us for an in depth and hands on men's ministry program that helps equip and train men to become capable and strong men of God. 

Pastoral Support

After all things are set and done we all sometimes need just that one more word of encouragement, or that last cup of coffee. Our pastoral support ministry is aimed at letting a trained and educated man of God be that final source of reinforcement in your daily Christian walk. 

The church is more than just a building where Christians meet weekly! Here at Celebration Assembly Church we believe our most important vocation is that of community engagement, outreach, and servant hood. We love to volunteer locally, and the great news is: you are invited to join us! 

Volunteer Groups

We encourage you to come and get involved in any of our many ministries offered here at Celebration Assembly Church! 

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