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About us

Here at Celebration Assembly Church the mission is simple:

Know God. Love People. Change Lives. 

We believe that through this scripturally based mission structure, Celebration Assembly Church can and will change lives for Jesus Christ!

Our Mission:
Our Vision:

The vision is critical for the success of the church as the body of Jesus Christ. It is for this reason that Celebration Assembly Church has given so much thought towards defining the vision for our church. In the end it all comes down to this:


Believing enough to act.


If we want to be a community outreach and missions minded body, we need to act as one. 

our pastors:
Rick Lowary
Claudette Lowary

Director of Women's Ministry

Young Adult's Pastor

Carl Snider

Director of Men's Ministry

Duane Hatcher

Team Youth Director

John Constantine

Worship Arts Pastor

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